59cm Rivendell Blériot

bler_side_small.jpg bler_cluster_small.jpg bler_steering_small.jpg bler_rear_angle_small.jpg bler_front_small.jpg

Behold the Blériot. This machine is composed of exotic metallic alloys, Including, but not limited to, the elements iron, carbon, chromium, aluminum, molybdenum, and copper, not to mention such composite materials as cowhide, plant fibers, tree products of various sorts, and the occasional petroleum derived widget.

This bike was mostly built by 37 trained wrestling chimpanzees under the careful guidance of Tim Rangitsch at ACME bicycles in Rapid City, SD

I highly recommend ACME for your cycling and chimp wrestling needs. "The Most Beloved Bike Shop in the Black Hills"

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My Bleriot on Cyclofiend after the Rework and Paint